Airports and Helipads

At The Loomex Group, we offer our clients practical, effective solutions for ensuring their airport and helipad operations run compliantly and profitably.

We provide services and governance models for all aspects of airport operations, including managing day-to-day airport operations, conducting safety management systems (SMS) and compliance audits, and developing emergency management plans and training exercises. All of our services are based on industry standards and best practices.


The Loomex Group offers the following services for airports:


  • Interim HR Solutions
  • Airport Lighting
  • SMS/Auditing/Compliance
  • Global Reporting Format
  • Airport Winter Maintenance & Condition Reporting
  • Emergency Response Plan
  • Business and Economic Development Plans
  • Feasibility and Strategic Planning
  • Airport Operations and Regulatory Compliance
  • Emergency Exercises – Full Scale Simulations and Table Top
  • Airport Training Courses
  • Airport Management & Operations

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The Loomex Group offers education and training courses for:


  • Airport Operations and Compliance
  • Conducting Audits and Corrective Action Plans
  • Wildlife
  • On-Scene Controller
  • Emergency Operations Centre Position Training
  • Airport Winter Maintenance and Condition Reporting
  • Human Factors
  • Accident Investigation
  • Global Format Reporting
  • First Aid and CPR

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Airports and Helipads

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